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I believe that people are inherently smart, that intellect and a conscious sense of ‘life’ is bestowed upon us all. And that it is harder than ever not to yield to the inexorable barrage of ‘information, opinion, and emotion’ to which we are all subject.

My vision is to inform: to build a more educated, critically-thinking society, where people do not simply accept unquestioningly the torrent of misinformation, streaming unobstructed from the screen of the ‘modern idiot box,’ directly into their conscious and subconscious mind.

I am an independent global analyst, engineering generalist, I/O Psychologist, researcher, writer, speaker, teacher, and expert in ‘GroupTHINK,’ with affectivity for the Middle East. I am a Ph.D. specializing in marginalized populations, Counselor at ‘The House of Acts‘ in Vallejo, and Principal at SpecTHINK, LLC.

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