cropped-P5.jpegADVISORY BOARD

Rutgers University  – Educational Advisory Board Member, 2017-2019

Atma Global ( – Advisory Board Member (International Education), since 2020

LWD-BB – Advisory Board Member (Business, Planning and Manufacturing), since 2020

The House of Acts – Clinical educator, protocols for Motivational Interviewing and client first contacts, since 2021

Author’s Guild (member)


Adjunct Faculty – California State University, Northridge.

Mechanical Engineering Department 2005 – 2011

Introduction to Mechanical Engineering through Project Based Learning       (ME101/L – 3 units)

Numerical Methods for Engineering Systems with Mathematical Modeling (ME309/L – 5 units)

Fluid Mechanics with an Introduction to Fluid Dynamics (ME390 – 3 units)

Fluids Mechanics Lab (ME491 – 1 unit)

Hydraulics & Hydrology; Open Channel Flow (ME493 – 3 units)

Systems Engineering and Optimization (Dr. Tom Mincer) (ME686 – 6 units)



General Psychology

I/O Psychology – GroupThink

Engineering Management & Operations (Organizational Psychology & Statistic)

Middle Eastern Studies

Mechanical Engineering

Suicidology (Sociology vs. Psychology)

Theme Park Technology

General Sociology

Lectures:         Organizational Psych, Middle Eastern Studies & Mechanical Engineering.