The General Assembly hall is seen at the U.N. Headquarters in New York

2022   SUICIDIOLOGY: Crisis Intervention – A Most Pressing Topic for Our Time – Presenter/Lecturer, Public Health and Security, San Francisco & Solano County, California

2020    Bedouin of Silicon Wadi: A Case Study Analysis of the Multi-level Perspectives and Factors Affecting Bedouin Entrepreneurialism as Obstacles to Entry into the Israeli High-Tech Industry – Presenter/Speaker, World Association of Science, Engineering & Technology, Paris, France / ASME IMECE 2020

2020    Predicting Mass-School-Shootings: A Grounded  Theory Determination of  Relevance of the FBI’s  Threat Assessment ‘Perspective’ Published in 2000, Against Two Decades of Post-Publication Mass-School-Shooting Events – Presenter/Speaker, World Association of Science, Engineering & Technology (Educational Psychology), Paris, France

2018    Audio-animatronics in the Industry of Their Birth and the New Haptic Experience – Presentation of paper at (inaugural) TEA Academic Symposium, Orlando

2018    Crisis Management: A Reality Check for Non-Operators and Owners against a Perceptible Threat Scenario – PIER 39 Christmas Day Attack – Guest Speaker, GSX Security Summit, Las Vegas (A joint ASIS and Infragard Presentation)

2018    Human Nature in an Emergency – Security Guy Radio – Guest. Interview on topics including the reality of human nature in an emergency, the criticality of communication, and incidental emotions and intelligence.

2018    Epicenter 2018 – Panelist. Panel expert invited to speak on earthquake preparedness, emergency response, and disaster management in the City of San Francisco.

2018    Active Shooter Preparation & Response – Guest Speaker with SFPD Tac.         Central Market District Safety Summit disaster preparation and response, San Francisco

2017    Open Source Intelligence Gathering – Guest Speaker. ASIS Oakland and San Francisco

2015    Active Shooter Preparation & Response – Guest Speaker. PIER 39 & Northern Waterfront Businesses, San Francisco

2015    Disaster Preparedness & Business Continuity – After the Disaster – Guest Speaker PIER 39 & Northern Waterfront Businesses, San Francisco

2014    Retro Commissioning & Financial Gains – Guest Speaker. National Society of Professional Engineers, Downey

2013    Understanding State of California Storm Water Requirements – Guest Speaker. Pasadena Unified School District Maintenance and Project Management Group, Pasadena

2011   Commissioning, Retrocommissioning and the Importance of Facilities Maintenance – Guest Speaker. California Green Schools Summit and Exposition, Pasadena